MaxRelease Advantages and Characteristics

MaxRelease is a complete series of products which prevent and fight against the adhesion of concrete on products, mills, machines and accessories. Most MaxRelease products are water soluble. They contain no volatile solvents.

Water soluble and biodegradable
MaxRelease products are mainly compounded from renewable vegetative elements. They contain no organic solvents and are biodegradable. Therefore these products belong to the most environmentally friendly of their type.

Maximum corrosion protection
The water soluble composition of MaxRelease products is no impediment towards maximum protection against corrosion. MaxRelease relies upon the wide experience with rust protection within the Tectyl product groups.

Low and constant consumption
MaxRelease can be processed very simply and in very thin layers. Overdosing is almost impossible. In combination with the correct spraying equipment it can be seen that significantly less product is required. The required quantity is therefore low and offers obvious advantages with buying in and logistics. Ask about the possibilities of measuring consumption on location.

Fast Processing
The constant low thickness reduces the required application time. The process cycle is short so that productivity per operator increases and more operations can be carried out in the same time period.

Safe working conditions
MaxRelease products contain almost no volatile solvents. This increases the safety of operators in their environment to a high degree. The flashpoint of MaxRelease water based products lies above 100 °C which practically eliminates any danger of fire. The products have a neutral aroma which makes for more acceptable processing.