Why MaxRelease

MaxRelease has been developed and tested in the worldwide network of Valvoline laboratories. This meticulousness is responsible for the high quality of the MaxRelease products. This guarantees green, clean and smart solutions for the concrete industry. Now and in the future.

MaxRelease is an innovative product range centred upon the 3 P's:

• Personnel
The creation of a safe working environment is a MaxRelease priority. This is the reason that most products are water based and biodegradable.

• Process
The minimum possible time must be lost in the production process. With MaxRelease it is possible not only to save time in the spraying process through modern spraying techniques, but also to use less material by spraying at a constant lower volume with concrete release agents.

• Product
At the end of the day it is about your end product, the concrete. By using MaxRelease the product will always be of the highest quality. This means that the shape is as intended and that colour fastness is guaranteed. This is achieved by using the correct amount of product and the lack of volatile solvents.