MaxRelease Remover

The waterbased liquid removes cement remnants and corrosion from machines, cubes and moulds.

Specific characteristics and advantages:

Fast operation
Using MaxRelease Remover is very easy using a roller. It releases the concrete from the base. The concrete remnants are loosened 15 minutes after the application. For larger items, such as moulds, a dipping bath can be used. On average the mould is free of concrete and corrosion after 12 hours.

Prevents corrosion
MaxRelease Remover contains a strong corrosion inhibitor, protecting material against degradation by acids, bases and other environmental factors.

Simple and safe processing
Cleaning is more efficient and less demanding on personnel because the cleaning process requires no special equipment or physical strength.

Investment prolongation
When cleaning, no heavy equipment such as air hammers or grinders are required. The concrete remnants on machines, cubes and other investments are easily removed with no risk of damage. Your investments therefore have a longer life.

MaxRelease characteristics
All products in the MaxRelease family have the following characteristics and advantages:

> Biodegradable
> Maximum corrosion protection
> Low and constant consumption
> Fast processing
> Safe working environment

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