MaxRelease Plate Protectant

MaxRelease Plate Protectant offers drying boards and moulds protection against concrete film and corrosion.

Specific characteristics and advantages

Low consumption
The product has excellent protectant characteristics with a small application thickness. A continual saving of 30-50% of material consumption is possible.

Long life
Drying boards and moulds have a longer life. Therefore the investment in new materials can be spread over a longer period.

Suitable for all types of drying boards and moulds
MaxRelease Plate Protectant is suitable for use on drying boards of the most used materials: steel, steel with a 2K coating and trespa and HDPE. By using the product the value of the qualiative differences between the materials is reduced. When replacing the drying board, the choice on a price basis is much more attractive.

Better end product
Clean and smooth drying boards and moulds are important for a good quality end product with no spots or scratches.

No fouling
No concrete film is formed when using dry plates. Therefore the cleansing and preparation of the moulds for reuse requires the minimum of time, cost and energy. Therefore the quality of the concrete is guaranteed to be constant.

Prevents spots
Many volatile solvents are characterised by absorbing bitumins in retarding paper. That upsets the balance in the composition of the paper and causes flecks on the tiles. Because of the water friendly formula of MaxRelease Plate Protectant the delaying paper retains its function.

Long drying board life
Drying boards have a much longer life when using MaxRelease Plate Protectant. The qualitative differences between the materials become less important because each plate material can deliver a good product. When replacing them, a choice on a price basis becomes more attractive. MaxRelease Plate Protectant therefore delivers an important contribution in reducing the return investment period for drying boards.

MaxRelease characteristics
All products in the MaxRelease family have the following characteristics and advantages:

> Biodegradable
> Maximum corrosion protection
> Low and constant consumption
> Fast processing
> Safe working environment

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