MaxRelease Indirect

MaxRelease Indirect is a waterbased de-shuttering material for products which dry/harden in the mould.

Specific characteristics and advantages:

Low consumption
MaxRelease Indirect has excellent discharge characteristics with a small application thickness. In combination with the recommended spraying equipment it is possible to spray a layer thickness of 10 to 15 microns with minimal overspray, a constant material saving of 30-50% is possible.

Constant process cycle
Experience has shown that operators require a shorter processing time when they use MaxRelease Indirect. In addition the required time is far more constant.

Better end product
MaxRelease Indirect does not form droplets and does not slide on the vertical sides of the mould. It adheres easily and guarantees a good quality end product..

Less or no cement fouling
After use, the moulds are (almost) free of cement remnants. Cleansing and preparation for re-use of the moulds therefore requires little time, cost or energy.

No grease foulingen vet
MaxRelease Indrect causes no grease fouling of the mould. This prevents troublesome black flecks on the end product.

From the planning phase up to and including the commissioning of the process lines, we design, produce and deliver total and partial client orientated process technological solutions for manufacturers in the concrete industry.

MaxRelease characteristics
All products in the MaxRelease family have the following characteristics and advantages:

> Biodegradable
> Maximum corrosion protection
> Low and constant consumption
> Fast processing
> Safe working environment

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