MaxRelease Equipment Protectant

MaxRelease Equipment Protectant protects material, such as machines, cubes, mixers and cement vehicles from fouling by cement and corrosion.

Specific characteristics and advantages:

Maximum protection
The product applies a protective layer on metals and plastic material components and thus prevents cement adhesion.

Prevents corrosion
MaxRelease Equipment Protectant contains a strong corrosion inhibitor, which prevents degradation by acids, bases and other environmental factors.

Easy removal
MaxRelease Equipment Protectant is easily removed with water and a brush.

Strong adhesion
The application of nano-technology ensures maximum adhesion to a large number of materials at microscopic level.

Maximum material useage time
Because wear and contamination is mostly prevented, the material can be used for a long time fault free. Also after storing, the preventative will enable the equipment to be available for use immediately.

MaxRelease characteristics
All products in the MaxRelease family have the following characteristics and advantages:

> Biodegradable
> Maximum corrosion protection
> Low and constant consumption
> Fast processing
> Safe working environment

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