MaxRelease Direct

MaxRelease Direct is a release agent for products to be released directly from the mould.

Specific characteristics and advantages:

Low consumption
MaxRelease Direct has excellent discharge characteristics with a small application thickness. A continual saving of 30-50% of material consumption is possible.

Constant process cycle
Experience shows that operators require a shorter process time when they employ MaxRelease Direct. In addition, the time factor is more constant enabling production planning to be improved.

Improved colour fastness
Because of the liberal composition and the low de-shuttering quantity requirement, the quality of the end product is higher and constant. Colour differences are reduced to a minimum.

Solid angles
The uniform distribution of MaxRelease Direct ensures that end products have angles exactly as intended. Bulges which reduce the quality of the product or indeed make it unusable, rarely occur.

Less air bubbles
In combination with the recommended spraying equipment the product forms less air bubbles. The end product therefore has a smooth surface.

MaxRelease characteristics
All products in the MaxRelease family have the following characteristics and advantages:

> Biodegradable
> Maximum corrosion protection
> Low and constant consumption
> Fast processing
> Safe working environment


Our systems are equipped with advanced technology which provide optimum spraying at every desired speed. The equipment requires minimum maintenance and has been designed to be used under the most severe circumstances.

WWe offer spraying equipment with the following examples:
> Volume measuring
> Personnel support
> Total control
> Turn key-solutions

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