MaxRelease Sealer

MaxRelease Sealer gives concrete products colour fastness for a longer time and protects against stone-eruption. MaxRelease Cement Sealer is available in black, brown, anthracite and transparent. Other colours are available in consultation.

Specific characteristics and advantages
Water- and oilrepellent - MaxRelease Sealer ensures that no moisture and/or oil can enter the product and that the colour remains permanent.

Drying time
MaxRelease Sealer is a very fast drying product, making it easy to apply and work with.

UV resistant
MaxRelease Cement Sealer is tested for 1000 hour UV resistance. The product is not discoloured after this test.

Acid resistant
MaxRelease Concrete Sealer protects the concrete against strong acids such as, but not limited to; nitric acid sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and lactic acid.

Useable against stone efflorescence
Existing chalk efflorescence and cement film is no longer a problem. The colored versions of MaxRelease Concrete Sealer can be used directly against efflorescence. This is then no longer visible and remains so. Future efflorescence on new products is also prevented by using MaxRelease Sealer. MaxRelease Sealer Clear is not suitable to cover efflorescence.

MaxRelease Sealer can be applied by spraying, using a roller or brush.
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