MaxRelease FAQ

Is MaxRelease biodegradable?
Yes, MaxRelease products are biodegradable.

With MaxRelease will I get cement fouling or grease contamination on my moulds?
No, after use, the moulds are normally free from cement remnants. There is no grease contamination, so MaxRelease prevents annoying spots on the end product.

What are the working conditions with MaxRelease?
Because most MaxRelease products are water based and contain no volatile solvents, the environmental conditions are safe.

Is MaxRelease a fire hazard?
No, because of the fact that MaxRelease is mainly water based, the flash point of the water based products are above 100°C in contrast to the ‘normal’ 40°C for products with volatile solvents.

What is my consumption with MaxRelease?
Dependent upon the application, direct or indirect discharge, results are measured which lie 30% to 50% lower than current usage. This reduction can be realised by using the correct spraying equipment

What services does MaxRelease offer?
As well as delivering products, MaxRelease can also supply the spraying equipment. An important factor here is the advisory role and discussion with the production department.

If you wish to know more about our products, contact us via our contact page. We will be pleased to answer all your questions.